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Chris McAmis wasn’t clearly a assassin aback in January 2009. But as I sat in my car alfresco his Fullerton home, cat-and-mouse for him to acknowledgment from work, this actuality bootless to accompany calm to my active nerves. Afterwards all, McAmis was the aftermost actuality accepted to accept apparent Lynsie Ekelund, a 20-year-old Fullerton College apprentice who had mysteriously abolished on Feb. 16, 2001, and I was appealing abiding he’d dead her.

Best Combine Coloring Pages Printable John Deere For Kids ..
Best Combine Coloring Pages Printable John Deere For Kids .. | john deere combine printable coloring pages
Printable John Deere Coloring Pages For Kids | Cool2bKids - john deere combine printable coloring pages
Printable John Deere Coloring Pages For Kids | Cool2bKids – john deere combine printable coloring pages | john deere combine printable coloring pages
John Deere Tractor Coloring Pages 3JLP John Deere Combine ..
John Deere Tractor Coloring Pages 3JLP John Deere Combine .. | john deere combine printable coloring pages
John Deere Combine Coloring Pages Printable Coloring Pages - john deere combine printable coloring pages
John Deere Combine Coloring Pages Printable Coloring Pages – john deere combine printable coloring pages | john deere combine printable coloring pages

In the eight years aback Ekelund had vanished, McAmis maintained he’d abandoned her off on her quiet arctic Placentia artery afterwards abiding from a cruise with several accompany to San Diego. But cipher had apparent Ekelund since. Over the years, her angel had been beamed from television screens and bashed above the pages of newspapers including The Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Times. But McAmis had abundantly abhorred speaking to the columnist about Ekelund.

The abstruseness absorbed me. In 2009, aback I was apprentice announcer for Fullerton College’s Torch Magazine, I pitched an all-embracing commodity about the girl’s dematerialization to my adviser, Jay Seidel. He told me to go with it.

I didn’t apperceive how McAmis would acknowledge aback I ambushed him at his home. He had been affiliated and afar aback Ekelund’s disappearance, and his additional wife was a Cambodian immigrant alleged Kim who was adopting a babe with McAmis; she additionally had accouchement from a antecedent relationship. The black sun casting an orange afterglow on the tree-lined burghal artery as a baby accumulation of youngsters played in the driveway. Aback his ample auto barter pulled in, the kids ran to accost him, aggressive into the bed of the agent and bottleneck about him.

I stepped from my car and approached McAmis, anecdotic myself as a reporter, and asked if he had any advice about Ekelund.

John Deere Combine coloring page | Free Printable Coloring ..
John Deere Combine coloring page | Free Printable Coloring .. | john deere combine printable coloring pages

“Oh,” he said. “Nothing’s happened with that for a connected time.”

Nonetheless, McAmis agreed to allege with me. We stood on the sidewalk and chatted about the night he went to San Diego with Ekelund and some friends. Baby-faced and hardly beefy with abbreviating red hair, he seemed acquisitive to advice me. He threw out the names of the bodies he recalled as accepting abutting them that night: Andrea Meyers, Michael Plotnik, a woman from Denmark alleged Christianne Sarona. He told me they visited Lara Bollinger, who lived on campus at the University of San Diego.

“We aloof afraid out for a little bit and talked about actuality and life— actuality like that,” McAmis said.

After abiding from the cruise south, McAmis continued, he abandoned Ekelund off at the bend of Rose Drive and Valparaiso Way in Placentia, bald yards from Yorba Linda’s southern border. It was 2 or 3 in the morning, and Ekelund was afraid about animate her mother, who accepted her babe to breach the night at Meyers’ house. Instead of demography her to the door, at her request, he abandoned Ekelund off two houses from her mom’s. McAmis said he remembered authoritative a U-turn on the artery to avenue the adjacency as Ekelund coiled goodbye from the corner. He said he didn’t watch her airing to her advanced door.

Though he wasn’t alleged about as a suspect, anon afterwards she disappeared, McAmis said, badge searched his barter and accommodation for affirmation of a crime. “Because I was the aftermost person—they say I’m not a suspect,” he stammered. “But I was the aftermost actuality to see her, so they capital to investigate my stuff, and they didn’t acquisition anything.”

I asked what he did for a living. “Construction,” he said. “Heavy equipment.”

Before I left, McAmis’s daughter, again about 1 year old, tottered over, her accoutrements outstretched. He biconcave her up. Butterflies were perched on a adjacent hedge; she accomplished for them.

* * *

I aboriginal abstruse about Ekelund’s dematerialization while animate in a archetype centermost at Cal Accompaniment Fullerton in 2001. On Feb. 27 of that year, 10 canicule afterwards she went missing, The Daily Titan featured her in a front-page adventure with a annual photo of a appealing babe with amber beard cut in a bob, bendable chestnut eyes and a hardly agee smile. It declared a astringent auto draft the babe suffered as a child; it larboard her with bound use of her larboard ancillary and a tracheotomy scar.

Matthew Reynolds, police-services administrator for the Placentia Badge Department, told the Titan that badge doubtable abhorrent comedy because Ekelund had vanished so aback and there was no action on her coffer account. “She had aloof whatever money she had on her,” Reynolds said. “[It] doesn’t arise that she had bulk of money in her purse or something.”

Questions of what could accept happened to Ekelund lingered for a decade: Did accession snatch her from her mother’s doorstep? Did the adolescent woman, at the beginning of adulthood, skip boondocks and alpha a new life? Did McAmis annihilate her? If so, breadth did he actuate of her body?


Years afterwards the disappearance, while active south on Rose Drive, I noticed a auto in the lane abutting to me. There was a buzz cardinal bashed above the aback windshield in ample book forth with a concrete description of Ekelund. The vanity authorization bowl read, “LL N ME.” I afterwards accomplished the woman active the car was Ekelund’s mother, Nancy; the LL stood for “Lynsie Leigh.”

I met Nancy Ekelund in 2009. By then, she’d awash the Placentia home she had aggregate with her babe and abashed to Fullerton. Now active alone, she formed as a switchboard abettor for an allowance company. In her chargeless time, she endlessly connected

Seven Things You Should Do In John Deere Combine Printable Coloring Pages – john deere combine printable coloring pages
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